August 2017

New Kids on the Block

Wow, so it looks like both My LIfe As and Our Generation each have a brand new boy doll to compete with American Girl's Logan Everett! 

These guys look really cute and I hope I get a chance to review one (or both) of them soon. The new My Life as a School Boy looks like a blond version of the Caucasian school boy by My Life as, but with a bookish flavor. I love it!

Our Generation's new boy Rafael is especially special in . . . Read more about New Kids on the Block

LRC Custom Dolls

Two random dolls, because reasons. . .

Today my two random dolls were randomly selected from my list of custom dolls, LRC Charmers and The Cool Ones. They dont have names; they're both prototypes for future dolls.

Both the dolls use face sculpts by Pat Secrist (I adore Secrist faces!): Annette on the left, and Punkin the little princess on the right.

Springfield Collection Dolls

The Springfield Collection by Fibre Craft describes itself as "a brand of fun, fashionable and affordable 18-inch dolls, clothing, accessories and furniture." Their modestly priced 18" dolls have have been a popular alternative to the costlier American Girl dolls, but the current Springfield Collection dolls are the result of a long evolution, beginning in the mid 1990s. Read more about Springfield Collection Dolls