eBay Adventures

Hannah and her Dog!

I can't believe Hannah of Hannah's World | Hannah and her Dog fame popped in on eBay and I can't believe no one nabbed her the first time around. I didn't have the funds so I watched her go by-by with a sigh and a tear. But sure enough, she came back around at a lower price, and up to the last minute no one bid on her again, so I was able to get her! I'm so happy!

She's the 2014 version (there's a new Hannah and her Dog every year) called "Gold Dust Hannah." This doll, no matter the version. . . Read more about Hannah and her Dog!

Did That Really Just Happen?!

Did I just buy what I think is a MAG #26 on eBay for somewhere in the $20 range?!

I have been admiring this little beauty with her bouncy brown curls and amber eyes since, well, forever! Well let's face it, my budget is pretty limited and I haven't bought that many American Girl dolls in general; I usually stick to the lower end dolls for my clothing models. I definitely didn't have any AGs who looked like this girl. . . Read more about Did That Really Just Happen?!

I Just Got a Hannoid!

No I don't require medical attention lol. Let me explain.

So I splurged (a little) and just got myself a Gotz Hannah at long last! Well, she's really more of a Anna than a Hannah, more like Hannah-oid, but it all works out to about the same in the end since they are essentially the same model.

Hannahs are a bit pricey for me, but Anna the Hannah twin popped up on eBay for significantly less than Hannah tends to go for, and I. . . Read more about I Just Got a Hannoid!