Hearts 4 Hearts Girls

Tipi's Eyes

Don't you just love Hearts for Hearts Girls dolls? They're so pretty, but what's with that purple eye disease some of them get?

I kept seeing so many of these purple-eye dolls on eBay and wondering if anything could be done for them. I had never done eye surgery on a H4H doll, so the thought was a little intimidating, but I couldn't see one of these otherwise perfect beautiful dolls being diminished in this way.
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Hearts 4 Hearts Tipi

Hearts 4 Hearts Tipi
13" Hearts 4 Hearts Girls Tipi is a little bit unique in that she comes from Laos in South East Asia, a region which isn't often represented in Asian play dolls. She has long black hair and brown eyes, and her vinyl is light tan as opposed to the usual pale-skinned Asian doll. Her face mold in unique. H4H dolls debuted around 2011 (?) but can be difficult to find at retail stores today. They can still be found at online markets like Amazon and eBay, typically for about $40 - $80, sometimes more. They can also be purchased in used condition on secondary markets for less. Tipi in particular can be hard to find and usually costs more than the average H4H, about $50 - $125, though a diligent buyer may find her for less.