Pottery Barn Kids

Pottery Barn Kids Henry and Parker

Pottery Barn Kids Henry and Parker by Gotz
Gotz Pottery Barn Kids offered two boy dolls, Henry and Parker. They are 18" tall and have American Girl-type bodies: soft-bodied articulated. They have brown rooted hair and are nearly identical to each other except that Henry has gray eyes while Parker has brown eyes. Henry also had more of a preppy theme while Parker is more sporty.


Henry is currently retired and can sometimes be hard to find, although he does rarely show up new or used on eBay and other secondary markets. Parker can currently still be purchased new from the Pottery Barn Kids website, and rarely sometimes from the secondary markets in new or used condition. Henry and Parker each retailed for about $100 from PBK. Their price can vary greatly on the secondary market but usually runs $60-$100.

Meiday, Meiday!

I came across a Gotz Pottery Barn Mei on eBay, a "fixer-upper" that seemed like a  good idea at the time. . . Her biggest problems were a bad haircut, which is possibly still workable, and bright red--and I mean bright--permanent marker on her face. I can only guess someone was trying to create a Vampire Mei doll and "accessorized" her with blood running down the corners of her mouth--an original idea at least. Read more about Meiday, Meiday!